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Salient Features of Nivesh Mitra

ü  Enables submission of applications online anytime from anywhere; be it home, office or internet cafe

ü  Facilitates access, submission & processing of applications for setting up of industries

ü  Saves time and money as repeated visits to different departments not required

ü  Endows filling, saving, downloading and printing of applications online

ü  Introduces transparency in granting approvals

ü  Enables online payment of application fee

ü  Reduces visits to departments, banks or treasury for payment of application fee

ü  Confirms payment receipt instantly

ü  Provides elegant layout laced with eye soothing color & design

ü  Offers simple registration process

ü  Brings all functionalities at one place for registered entrepreneurs

ü  Furnishes two-way interaction on digital platform between entrepreneurs and departments

ü  Facilitates efficient monitoring at all user levels

ü  Empowers analysis of pendency scrutinized any time by senior departmental officers

ü  Displays colour coding to track those exceeding the time limit

ü  Enables entrepreneurs to view application status and respond to clarifications online

ü  Illustrates process flow charts with pre-requisites, procedures and guidelines

ü  Sorts required application forms automatically based on industry type

ü  Assists entrepreneurs through Help Manuals for filling forms and for online payment

ü  Generates SMS and E-mails automatically and sends to entrepreneurs at each stage for tracking application status

ü  Provides effective Grievance Redressal Forum

ü  Acts as a comprehensive Information Hub

ü  Enables easy access to Government Schemes / Policies / GOs through Search facility

ü  Furnishes digital interactive platform through feedback & monthly E-news Letters

ü  Publishes Blog posts on U.P. specific significant issues at frequent intervals

ü  Connects public through social networking sites

ü  Assists entrepreneurs through ‘Help Desks’ at District Industries Centres

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