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1.   What is Nivesh Mitra and how is it helpful to entrepreneurs?
Nivesh Mitra is a unique platform designed specifically to facilitate entrepreneurs for getting faster approvals/clearances online from various government departments. This is highly beneficial for entrepreneurs setting up new units in U.P. or planning for expansion of their units. Anyone can use this web portal conveniently sitting at their home, office or an internet café. Using this system to apply online reduces your valuable time, money and energy.
You can see further details and benefit of this system by clicking here
2.   Why should I invest in Uttar Pradesh?
Uttar Pradesh offers enormous possibilities of enterprise. It is the biggest emerging market in India and the government is committed to continuously improve industry-conducive climate.
Simplified procedures, speedy approvals through NIVESH MITRA, high level committees to monitor the implementation of projects, Escort Services & Helpdesks – all point towards an Investor-friendly Government.
Ever improving power scenario, ample availability of water, good connectivity and good logistic support for investments, efficient telecommunication network, statewide reforms for good law and order, best industrial relations, presence of leading IT, Biotechnology, Electronics, Telecommunications and BPO companies, Highly skilled manpower base etc. are some of the reasons any one can choose Uttar Pradesh as the destination.
3.   What are the incentives available to entrepreneurs?
All information related to incentives to industries is available in the website of Udyog Bandhu, a Single Stop Shop for setting up of industries and a helping hand in infrastructure development. It provides information on different aspects including statutory clearances, allotment of land, fiscal incentives, sectoral policies, important government notifications etc.
The details regarding incentives available to entrepreneurs are available here.
As Udyog Bandhu updates its website on a daily basis and incorporate the details relevant to entrepreneurs, you may browse through the site periodically and subscribe to it.

4.   I intend to set up a unit in the district where Nivesh Mitra is not applicable. Can I still use this system to apply online?
Sorry! This is not possible at present.
But don’t worry! Nivesh Mitra is going to be implemented in all districts of Uttar Pradesh and, therefore, we shall be reaching you SOON!
5.   I don’t have a computer. How can I apply online?
Don’t worry. You can visit the nearest DIC office. The Help Desk facility available at DIC is there to assist you. It has an advanced computer, printer, UPS, scanner and personnel to assist YOU!
6.   Is it necessary to register on the website?
Yes. For applying online, you have to register with the website. Don’t worry; it is not a cumbersome process, but a simple 2-step process.
7.   How can I register on the website of Nivesh Mitra?
Registering on the website is a simple process, as explained here:
·         Click on ‘New Entrepreneurs Register Here’.
·         You will be asked to enter your email address.
·         Once you submit that, you will receive a welcome letter, containing an activation link.
·         Open your email, look for the email from Nivesh Mitra and click on the activation link.
Isn’t it easy to become a member of the Nivesh Mitra family? Welcome aboard and feel free at home!!
8.   I do not want to disclose my email address/mobile number. But Nivesh Mitra system doesn’t accept registration without these details. Why?
Apart from facilitating you in filing application online, NM keeps you updated on the status of your application at every stage – be it when it reaches the department, successful transfer of payment, any query is made by the department or finally when your application is cleared.
These regular updates shall be sent to you by NM through email/sms. That is why we request you to provide your email/sms details.
9.         I have registered. How do I login?
Just click on the button which says “Login Entrepreneur”. You will be asked to enter your USER ID (which is your email address, used at the time of registration) and PASSWORD (which you entered and confirmed during activation process).
10.         I forgot my USER ID. What to do?
Be assured. Your USER ID is the same as your email address, used at the time of registration.
11.         I forgot my PASSWORD. What to do?
Click on “Forgot Password” button. We will send you the password to your email address.
12.         How do I edit my details, like password, phone numbers, company details etc.
After logging-in, go to your DASHBOARD. Here, you can edit all the basic information/profile.
13.         How do the departments process my applications?
All the departments have their system of processing the application forms received from entrepreneurs. These are explained in detail at the section related to Process Flow.
14.         What are the maximum time limits prescribed for granting approvals?
The maximum time limit for decision in respect of sanction/NOC etc. has been decided by the Govt. for each type of application pertaining to various departments. These details are available here.
15.         How do I know whether the department has processed/cleared my application?
It is very easy to track the status. We have provided 3 methods to inform YOU:
·         We periodically send you email at each stage - be it when the application reaches the department, successful transfer of payment, any query is made by the department or finally when your application is cleared.
·         We also send you short messages through sms on the above steps to inform you.
·         You can also login to Nivesh Mitra any time, go to your DASHBOARD and check the status of your applications.

16.         How can I get the application forms for various approvals for setting up an industry in Uttar Pradesh?
All the application forms available at NM can be seen here.
17.         How do I know whether the product, which I am manufacturing, needs an NOC from the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board or not?
·         The Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board has notified a list of 221 products that do not need an NOC, for their manufacture.
·         The list of exempted industries is available here
·         The SSI registration granted by District Industries Center itself is Sufficient and no separate application for NOC is needed
18.         How are Micro, Small and Medium enterprises defined?
Manufacturing Sector
Service Sector
where the investment in plant and machinery does not exceed Rs. 25 lakhs
where the investment in equipments does not exceed Rs. 10 lakhs
where the investment in plant and machinery is more than Rs. 25 lakhs, but does not exceed Rs. 5 crores
where the investment in equipments is more than Rs. 10 lakhs, but does not exceed Rs. 2 crores
where the investment in plant and machinery is more than Rs. 2 crores, but does not exceed Rs. 5 crores
where the investment in plant and machinery is more than Rs. 10 crores
where the investment in plant and machinery is more than Rs. 5 crores
For details, see the MSME Act available here

19.         Can I make the fee payments online?
You will be able to make payment through Internet Banking, Credit/Debit Cards or Offline Payment at a bank branch. We have associated State Bank of India and Punjab National Bank.
20.         How does the system of making payment online work?
The step-by-step process of making online payment is availablehere.
21.         How do I know whether department is processing my application submitted and how does NM ensure the timely clearance?
We will inform you about the status of application at every stage, as explained on Question No. 16. There is an in-built system available in NM to monitor the progress and we hope this will lead to timely clearance of applications.
22.         How do I stay in touch with NM?
Nivesh Mitra adopts many ways to communicate with YOU:
·         Through email
·         By sending short messages through sms
·         Your DASHBOARD when you log-in to NM
·         Through our Feedback Form at http://udyogbandhu.com/feedback
·         You can email at niveshmitra@udyogbandhu.com
·         You are also welcome to contact us telephonically on 0522-2237582
23.         Which are the stages NM inform me about the progress?
·         When you register with NM
·         When you submit an application and it reaches the department
·         when your payment is successfully transferred to department online
·         any query is made on your application by the department
·         when your application is cleared
24.         How do I give my suggestions/feedback?
Your suggestion are always welcome! Please send your comments through our Feedback Form at http://udyogbandhu.com/feedback. We shall be delighted to incorporate your ideas to improve this unique system further.
25.         I want to subscribe to Udyog Bandhu. How do I do that?
·        Click on the SUBSCRIBE button on the Home Page of Udyog Bandhu at http://udyogbandhu.com
·         Enter your email, verify your activation link and you are subscribed!
26.         What are the advantages of subscribing to the website?
You will get to know about GOs, circulars and policies immediately. Further, you will be updated about the events and activities in real time on uploading the same on the website.


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